About Us

Meet The Owners

Stephanie Hannah and Carla Pearsall have forged and partnered to create The 5ive SPOT Neighborhood Kitchen & Bar. What they feel is a new experience in Randallstown is also the result and realization of many years of thoughtful and assertive planning. Cuisine prepared with thought, Music for all walks of life, and an Atomosphere catered to the local community makes the 5ive SPOT
a “brand new kind of love” for the neighborhood. Both owners are transplants to the Baltimore area, and are enthralled by the industrial pride and friendly nature of Charm City. Stephanie and Carla are proud to call the area their “home”. It’s rare to see one without the other, but hardly ever the experience to not find one of them on the premises: ready, willing and able to satisfy their clientele.

For a truly personalized home bar experience, enter The 5ive SPOT.

Meet the Team